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I read a lot. This blog is my attempt to track some of those books and to provide a quick review of them so I’ll remember. Hopefully, they are of  interest to other readers.

Warning. Reviews are subjective. And admittedly, my reviews are not literary.  They are often short. Only a perfunctory story-line summary is given to jar my memory about the book. Thanks to the Ultimate Book Bloggers plug-in the reviews are linked to my friend, Goodreads, and Amazon for more information on the book and their cumulative reviews. Since I’m a writer myself I may include notes on the author’s writing style or POV (point-of-view) that interested me.

I’ve gone back and forth about the star system. At one time I imagined 5 stars for only the most special of books. I’ve since relaxed a lot. There are few books that wheedle there way into my heart in that manner, but there are lots of really fun reads, knowledgable reads, with characters I connect with and books well deserving of high marks. In my book both 4 and 5 stars are grand.

Nancy Pearl’s Four Door to Reading system of categorizing books interests me, so I may make note of it at times. Although I tend to like character driven books, this isn’t an absolute. I believe we all slide around in our tastes. There are books I find too heavy on scene or plot, but I read them and find myself captivated by them. I may rate them high even when I’ve been challenged to stick with them if I think they hit the mark for what they were meant to do.

You’ll also find that I read everything. From picture books to epic science fiction. You may see reviews for them all as I proceed.

I have to admit there aren’t many low ratings on the site for now. It’s not that there aren’t some books that fall in that category. It’s because I don’t read more than sixty pages of them. I haven’t decided what to do in those cases yet.

Such is life…